The Great Philly Mag Centennial Quiz

So just how much of a “local” are you, really?

16. In what year did Philadelphia first serve as the capital of the United States?
     a) 1774
     b) 1775
     c) 1781
     d) 1790

17. Which of the original Three Stooges was born at 3rd and South?
     a) Larry
     b) Moe
     c) Curly

18. Broad Street is the longest urban thoroughfare in the world.
     a) True
     b) False

19. What major event occurred on May 11, 1977?
     a) The Bulletin ceased publication
     b) The city had its first confrontation with MOVE
     c) Jim Gardner replaced Larry Kane as the 6 and 11 p.m. anchor on Action News
     d) The first case of Legionnaire’s disease was diagnosed

20. How many World Series and Super Bowls have the Phillies and Eagles lost, combined?
     a) 3
     b) 6
     c) 7
     d) 9