The Great Philly Mag Centennial Quiz

So just how much of a “local” are you, really?

In honor of our centennial, we present a 20-question test of your knowledge of all things Philly. First prize: a new condo! (Well, not really, but we needed to offer something jazzy to get your attention. And, yes, it is sort of misleading, but the quiz is really fun, trust us, and you’re gonna want to take it. And … oh, get out a pencil and just take the damned quiz, okay?)

1. What used to occupy the site of the Art Museum?
     a) John Penn’s mansion
     b) America’s first mechanized brewery
     c) An Irish shantytown
     d) The city reservoir

2. What was Captain Noah’s profession before he took the helm of his magical ark?
     a) Plainclothes detective
     b) Jungian psychologist
     c) Lutheran minister
     d) Jet pilot

3. Philadelphia’s first mayor, Humphrey Morrey, was appointed in 1691. In what year did the city’s first elected mayor take office?
     a) 1692
     b) 1701
     c) 1776
     d) 1839

4. When was the Liberty Bell last rung?
     a) 1799
     b) 1846
     c) 1962
     d) 2001

5. Which ballpark did the Phillies occupy the longest?
     a) The Baker Bowl
     b) Shibe Park
     c) Connie Mack Stadium
     d) Veterans Stadium