Taste: What to Drink

Merryvale Starmont Sauvignon Blanc
With: The ample Chinese offerings at Ardmore BYOB Auspicious.
Drink: These succulent preparations need a white that can stand up to their savory sauces. Turn to Merryvale Starmont sauvignon blanc (Chairman’s Selection, $10.99), which relies on “neutral” oak to add texture without hiding its ruby red grapefruit and honeydew flavors.

Marchese de Frescobaldi Castiglioni Chianti
With: The pizzas and tomato pie from Tony Roni’s on City Line.
Drink: Go for a vino that’s just as red and tangy as the tomato sauce. Full of cherry and herbal flavor, Marchese de Frescobaldi Castiglioni ($13.99) is a modest everyday ­chianti that fits the takeout vibe — and the pizza-night budget.

Rolf Binder “Heinrich” Shiraz
With: The Southern specialties at West Philly BYOB Marigold Kitchen.
Drink: These slow-cooked down-South dishes deserve a meaty, bold red like Rolf Binder “Heinrich” shiraz grenache mataro (Chairman’s Selection, $19.99). Dense and jammy, this blend bursts with stewed strawberries seasoned with black pepper and balsamic.