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June 2022 Issue


City Life

Confessions of a Jaded Millennial

Why a once-optimistic generation is souring on electoral politics, and finding better ways to make a difference. 

City Life

Demystifying the Serious Science of Smells

University City’s Monell Chemical Senses Center knows (nose?) why people react to smells differently.


Life & Style

A St. Davids Home Rehab and Redesign

PS & Daughters takes a historic colonial from dereliction to a designer’s paradise.

Be Well Philly

4 Sea-Derived Beauty Treatments to Add to Your Routine

Nourish your skin with sea salt, kelp, seashells, and more ingredients from the ocean.

Be Well Philly

I Tried “Nature’s Xanax” for a Hangover-Free Buzz

How sipping kava, an alternative to booze, can help you unwind.

Life & Style

Freedom Apothecary’s Bonkosi Horn Shares Her Favorite Things

Co-founder of the chic NoLibs boutique on cafes, music and red lipstick, and being a connector.