4 Sea-Derived Skin-Care Treatments to Add to Your Routine

Nourish your skin with sea salt, kelp, seashells, and more ingredients from the ocean.

sea beauty skin care

Sea-based skin care ingredients make these beauty products unique / Photograph by Andre Rucker / Styling by Emilie Fosnocht

Sea-derived ingredients are making a splash in skin care, and for good reason. Here are four healing, hydrating treatments worth adding to your beauty arsenal.

Pursoma Sweat and Rest

For those with neither the energy nor the patience for a 10-step skin-care routine. Sit back while hydrating seabed magnesium and mineral-packed French gray sea salt do all the work. For added luxury, apply the Amala Retexturing Gel Aqua Peel, infused with red seaweed extract.
$22 and $88 at Kári Skin (Old City)

La Mer Crème de la Mer

The fanfare surrounding this moisturizer is well deserved. La Mer’s top-secret “Miracle Broth,” the crux of all its products, is a cell-renewing elixir containing nutrient-rich giant sea kelp. The classic formula’s thick texture is great for dry skin, leaving a dewy, glowing finish.
From $95 at or Sephora.

Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion

Every great skin-care routine starts with something to clear away dead cells. In this scrub, that’s diatomaceous earth, a natural exfoliant made of crushed seashells. With regular use, all skin types can enjoy fine-line and discoloration reduction.
$42 at or in-store.

Sabbatical Marine Serum

From six types of seaweed to Tahitian seawater, this magical serum is imbued with tons of oceanic antioxidants to protect collagen and improve your skin barrier, leaving your face rejuvenated with increased elasticity.
$68 at or for pickup at Bok (South Philly).


Published as “Take a Dip” in the June 2022 issue of Philadelphia magazine.