5 Very, Very VIP Concert Experiences in Philly This Summer

From photo ops to NFTs, what the VIP experience will cost you — and what you'll get for the hefty price tag.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John and Alicia Keys are a few of the performers offering very VIP experiences at their concerts this summer. Photographs via Getty Images

Some people achieve VIP status through hard work or, ya know, having a few million viewers on TikTok. Others buy it. Here’s a look at what VIP designation can cost you for some of the summer’s biggest concerts — and some of the perks you’ll get, other than just great seats.

Elton John: $1,999
Always wanted a photo of Elton John’s piano? Now’s your chance. The Ultimate Elton John VIP Experience at what they’re calling his final tour includes an “unforgettable on-stage VIP photo opportunity at Elton John’s piano” — notably, without Sir Elton. You also get to keep the seat you sat in and spilled beer on all night. Yes: YOU GET A CHAIR.
July 15th at Citizens Bank Park.

Roxy Music: $1,334
The only VIP package we could find in Philly that tapped into the highly confusing NFT market. Not only do you get a front-row seat; you get a numbered NFT of the tour poster. Granted, you could just buy a tour poster at the merch counter, but what do we know?
September 15th at Wells Fargo Center.

Alicia Keys: $998
Question: Who knew that Alicia Keys had her own graphic novel? Answer: Probably anybody who would drop a grand on her VIP package, which includes a copy of it. There’s also a VIP photo opportunity, but social distancing will be enforced. Guess you could Photoshop out the six feet between the two of you.
August 6th at Hard Rock A.C. and August 7th at the Met.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: $701
Don’t you love how they just have to tack on that extra buck? Anyway, as an esteemed member of the VIP crew, you get to peruse a display containing wardrobe items and instruments from the Chili Peppers’ almost 40-year (yikes!) career.
September 3rd at Citizens Bank Park.

Coldplay:  $695
Your photo op is limited to a snap “in front of the VIP backdrop.” Womp-womp. But hey, you do get a “commemorative sustainable VIP credential.”
June 8th at the Linc. 

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Published as “Go Big!” in the June 2022 issue of Philadelphia magazine.