Little Baby’s Ice Cream Will Soon Be No More

The company known for wonky flavors and vegan ice creams will shut its doors permanently on November 27th.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream/Yelp

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, the company that brought us CBD oil vegan ice cream and gluten-free macaron ice cream sandwiches, is shutting its doors. The brand announced today on Instagram and through an email to its subscribers, that they will permanently close all locations on Wednesday, November 27th.

Little Baby’s will run a promotion until they close, or until they run out of ice cream with scoops available for $2 apiece, shakes and ice cream sandwiches at $7, ice cream bars for $3, CBD bars for $5, pre-packed pints for $6 and hand-dipped pints for $8.

The company thanked guests with this message:

“We are proud of the business we built, the mission we embodied and the products and brand we worked so hard to create. We are grateful to our patrons, partners, friends, farmers, cows, cool kids, coconuts and everything and everyone else that participated in this Intrepid Flavor Quest. Thank you for having open minds and mouths, which is all we ever asked for.”

The company shut down its West Philly location inside Penn’s Franklin’s Table Food Hall earlier this year, finding that the lunchtime crowd that dominates that space just wasn’t that into ice cream. That space will be filled with a Dizengoff in the next few months. No word yet on what will happen to the other locations.

Little Baby’s debuted in the summer of 2011 as a roving tricycle fitted with a cooler that served ice cream at special events. By 2012, they had opened their first location in Kensington. They have since expanded to Baltimore, D.C., and Center City. And let us never forget about the Little Baby’s commercials that made us scream.