We Tried Little Baby’s CBD Oil Vegan Ice Cream. Here’s What It Actually Tastes Like.

This new CBD oil vegan ice cream is now for sale exclusively at Little Baby's East Market location.

little babys cbd vegan oil ice cream

Little Baby’s CBD oil vegan ice cream is now for sale at their East Market location. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream has long been known for their creative flavors — like rye bread and cheddar cheese and balsamic banana — along with vegan, non-dairy ice cream that actually tastes, well, good. Now, they’ve taken their crazy-fun flavors and their vegan offerings one step further: Last week, Little Baby’s launched pints of Non-Dairy CBD Chocolate Ice Cream.

Sold exclusively at Little Baby’s brand-new East Market location on 12th Street, this CBD-infused ice cream is only sold in pints. The pints are $20, which is pretty steep for a pint of ice cream — but, hey, that’s the cost of having cannabinoid in your ice cream.

That said, when the Be Well Philly team stopped in to try a pint of the stuff at the petite new East Market shop, the staff there was more than happy to dish out a couple of bowls for us, leaving extra in the pint container to take home. Never having tried CBD oil vegan ice cream before, we were pretty curious about how it’d taste — and, more importantly, how we’d feel after eating a serving, each of which contain 25 milligrams of CBD oil.

little babys cbd oil vegan ice cream

Little Baby’s new East Market location on 12th Street is now open. The CBD oil vegan ice cream is currently only sold in pints. Photograph by Caroline Cunningham.

The first bite was surprising for two reasons. One, because there was definitely a distinct earthy flavor behind the punch of chocolate in the ice cream. We’d later decide that it tasted like a weed Tootsie Roll. The chocolate flavor was definitely there — though it was less dark and fudgey, more milk chocolate popsicle — but so was the cannabis.

Secondly, because the stuff was pretty friggin’ delicious. Unlike many other non-dairy ice creams, this one was smooth and creamy (minus any actual cream!) and without any of the iciness you’d expect. And while the non-dairy ice cream is actually made with a coconut base and sweetened with agave, we couldn’t taste the coconut — just chocolate (and CBD).

A couple of bites in, I thought I felt something. Am I feeling giddy? I wondered. But, of course, CBD oil isn’t actually psychoactive. Am I feeling more relaxed? I wondered. Possibly — but then again, we’d just come from sweating our butts off in a 65-minute workout with Unite Fitness down the street, so it just as easily could’ve been the endorphins talking.

Regardless, our conclusion was unanimous: Little Baby’s CBD oil ice cream is the perfect treat to buy on your period. Not only does it give us exactly what we’re craving — chocolatey goodness — it also could, maybe, possibly, help with some of the side-effects of menstruation. (Of course, more studies and tests still need to be done to verify if this is true.) And anyways, can you think of a better time to drop $20 on ice cream than when you’re on your period? (Yeah, we can’t either.)

Little Baby’s CBD oil ice cream is sold exclusively at 19 South 12th Street.

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