The New Little Baby’s East Market Location Will Sell Vegan CBD Oil Ice Cream

Little Baby's 12th Street opens September 7 in the East Market development. Unique to this location, you'll be able to try CBD oil ice cream.

cbd oil ice cream

Little Baby’s new CBD oil ice cream will debut at their new East Market location on September 7. Photograph courtesy Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

Step aside, boozy milkshakes. CBD oil ice cream is the new must-try treat of the summer.

We can’t say we find this mashup all too surprising. CBD oil is our modern answer to just about every kind of ailment, like cancer, sore muscles, anxiety, you name it. And while — bummer alert — the FDA has only approved one purified CBD oil for the treatment of two specific types of epilepsy, we’ve still started seeing CBD oil popping up everywhere, from our spas to the aisles of our grocery stores.

And now, it’s showing up in our ice cream. Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s new East Market shop opens on September 7, and exclusively at this new location, you’ll be able to pick up pints of a Non-Dairy CBD Chocolate Ice Cream.

The limited-supply pints are entirely plant-based, vegan, and each contain 100mg of CBD oil, which divides out to 25mg of CBD per serving. Is this an appropriate dose of CBD oil, you ask? Who knows! Like we said, the FDA hasn’t approved CBD for anything other than epilepsy, so there’s no such thing as a recommended dosage of CBD — yet.

While non-dairy pints of Little Baby’s Ice Cream tend to run in the $8 to $10 range, this pint will set you back $20, thanks to the inclusion of the Bouquet CBD oil — a new CBD brand that’s launching soon.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream isn’t the first brand to take this twist on edibles — The Hop Ice Cream in Asheville, North Carolina launched their CBD ice cream in late June. Still, it presents a new — and undoubtedly delicious — way to injest CBD.

“An unspoken motto within Little Baby’s Ice Cream has always been, ‘When faced with two good options, do both,'” says Little Baby’s founder Pete Angevine. “Both CBD and our coconut-based, agave-sweetened, non-dairy ice creams are products that make you feel good, and so we’ve simply combined the best of both worlds.”

Along with the CBD oil ice cream at the new Little Baby’s location, visitors will be able to sample some of the brand’s funky, fun flavors — like Buttered Popcorn and Birch Beer Vanilla Bean — and they’ll also have access to a rotating menu of soft serve ice cream.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is celebrating the opening of their new East Market location with a free pop-up block party featuring their frozen treats, plus Federal DonutsIron Hill Brewery & RestaurantInspired Brews, the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, and the band Reverse Birds. The party will run from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 7, and you can find more info about the celebration here.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream will be located at 19 South 12th Street.

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