A Familiar Rebounding and Strength Training Studio Is Opening in Collingswood

Vibe Fitness comes from the creator of Freehouse Fitness, the Grad Hospital studio that closed in 2020.

Vibe Fitness opens in Collingswood on March 8th. / Photograph by Cherina Jones Studios

Those of you who’ve been part of the Philly fitness scene for a while will remember Freehouse Fitness, the Grad Hospital boutique that opened in 2016 and offered a mix of rebounding, resistance training, and Pilates-inspired mat and reformer workouts for four glorious years. Then, the pandemic happened, forcing owner Dana Auriemma to close the studio for good in September of 2020. Like so many other impacted establishments, the closure felt like a dagger to the heart, and made us wonder if something akin to Freehouse would ever open again.

Nearly three years later, the wait is over — Vibe Fitness has entered the chat.

Officially opening on March 8th, Vibe Fitness brings Auriemma’s sorely missed total-body workouts to a 1,500-square-foot space in Collingswood. You can expect cardio blasts as you jump, jab, and kick on the rebounders, as well as small-group strength training featuring resistance bands clipped into the walls, suspension trainers hanging from the ceiling, and power reels and dumbbells incorporated in a variety of ways. Plus, you and your workout buddy can sign up for a semi-private reformer Pilates sesh, as Vibe houses two machines.

To celebrate its forthcoming grand opening, Vibe Fitness will be offering free (!) classes for its first 10 days (!!) — from March 8th through March 18th. These workouts, which will be held twice per day, are meant to help you familiarize yourself with all of Vibe’s props and equipment, and simply welcome the studio to the neighborhood. You can secure your space in any of the complimentary classes and ones beyond here.

Resistance training at Vibe Fitness / Photograph by Cherina Jones Studio

After March 18th, classes cost $15, but there’s also weekly community workouts that operate as donate-if-or-what you can. All proceeds from those sessions go toward The Movement Foundation, the nonprofit Auriemma co-founded with two former Freehouse instructors, Allie Vanyur and Te’yana Dyer, that seeks to increase accessible and inclusive movement activities across the region.

Auriemma told us the decision to open another studio didn’t come instantly. “I didn’t consider opening another studio after Freehouse closed — partly, it didn’t feel like an option because of COVID, and I also needed time to assess what was next for me,” she said. “I wanted to make sure the next chapter felt very intentional and not like a reaction to something that had happened.” She put her energy into The Movement Foundation, which publicly launched toward the end of 2021. And then, “I started hearing a whisper of a ‘maybe,’” as Auriemma described to us over the phone. “It was a ‘no’ until it wasn’t anymore.”

Vibe Fitness offers mat workouts, rebounding, strength training, and Pilates. / Photograph by Cherina Jones Studio

Auriemma told us she’s excited to be back in a brick-and-mortar setting after several years away, especially in the town where she lives: “I’m thrilled for the opportunity to reignite the workouts I created and taught in Philly, and to share them with my Collingswood community. Collingswood has a strong sense of camaraderie, and great potential for people to contribute to its growth. I wanted to invest in my town, and I’m excited to support it in this way.”

Vibe Fitness officially opens on March 8th and is located at 1028 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood.