7 Local Fit Pros on Their Best Quarantine Workout Tips

From creating your own playlists to working out with your kids, here are a few smart ways to have fun and stay active.

If quarantine has you feeling a little unmotivated fitness-wise, check out these seven workout tips from Philly fitness pros like Sculpt360 instructor Isabelle Martinez. / Photograph by Haley Bank.

Now that we’ve been at this whole stay-at-home thing for a whiiiiile, you might be finding that it’s super easy to get sucked into working on your computer, making it tough to get up and move as much as you usually would. If you need some extra fitness motivation right now, you’re in luck.

We chatted with seven local fit pros — who are also missing in-studio workouts — for their go-to quarantine exercise tips, so that you can get inspired and remember just how good stretching your muscles can feel.

Just move!

Nowadays, our day-to-day routine might feel a bit stale. Khalil Jones, co-founder of Triyo Fitness and instructor at Rumble Boxing, encourages us to use movement of any kind to spice up the day.

“If you love dancing, make that your workout. Just turn up the music and move! The more fun we have with our workouts, the more likely we are to stay consistent with them,” Jones says. Proof? All the dances the Jones’ trio has been posting on IG!


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Schedule fitness into your calendar

A good way to help you feel committed to movement is to schedule it into your calendar, just like you would for a work meeting or Zoom call with friends. City Fitness instructor, Jenna Stern, believes penciling in your workout can help with accountability. Whether you’re writing it in your planner, scheduling it in Google calendar, or setting a reminder on your phone, Stern says you’ll be less likely to bail on moving your body that day.

Prioritize your playlist

We all know music can make or break your workout. To keep you motivated, Torque owner Summer Fatzinger recommends creating a playlist of your favorite upbeat music that makes you want to move. Then, she says to set aside at least 30 minutes, put your headphones in, bump up the volume, and let the beats fuel your workout and your mood.

If you don’t want to make your own playlist, Bryant Reams, instructor at SoulCycle and Rumble Boxing, has been listening to festival DJ sets while he lifts in his living room, so take his cue! He also created an exclusive Be Well workout playlist, which you can check it out here.


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Don’t forget to warm up

Now that we’re working out in our living rooms, we might be lacing up, logging on, and hopping right into class. But Reams reminds us to take a few minutes before class starts — just like you probably do IRL — to stretch and get your heart pumping so that your body is ready for a full workout. A couple minutes of jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kicks, will do the trick.

Let your kids join in

Mariel Freeman, owner of Three Queens Yoga, has embraced practicing yoga with her two kids, Theo and Gigi — something she isn’t typically able to do while at the studio.

“I love that [parents] can include and incorporate our kids into our activities, rather than wait until they are occupied with something else,” she says. “And a huge shoutout to Holly Waters [co-founder of Fitness Alive]! I’m living for her Instagram posts of working out in parking lots with her baby.”


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If you aren’t a parent, then give the green light to your partner, family member, or housemate. Fatzinger recommends doing relay races or stair climb challenges to make fitness fun for you and your quarantine crew.

Get outside (but be safe!)

Currently, the CDC allows and even recommends visiting parks, trails, and outdoor spaces as “a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and vitamin D, and stay active,” as long as you do it safely. Many of our fit pros agree that exercising outside can re-energize your muscles and your mind.

Unite Fitness instructor Gerald Munson enjoys taking alternating lunges outdoors (as you can see from the video!), as they engage core stability and strengthen your legs and glutes. According to Munson, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a step forward with your right leg and bend your right knee 90 degrees, stopping when your thigh is parallel to the ground. Ensure that your right knee doesn’t over extend past your right foot. Then, drive off your right foot heel and return to the starting position. Repeat motion with your left leg.

Incorporate movement into other activities

There are plenty of ways you can include exercise in non-related fitness activities. For Isabelle Martinez, Sculpt360 instructor and We/Fit coach, grocery shopping and room design have been go-tos.

“Moving furniture requires moving your muscles, and some feng shui can be good for your mental health,” Martinez says. “As for grocery trips, I walk to the store, so that I can do a “farmer’s carry” walk home.”

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