This Fitness Festival Is Offering $7 Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and HIIT Classes

And all the money from Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia's Resolution Rx summit goes to charity.

resolution rx

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia is hosting its fifth annual Resolution Rx festival, a one-day summit with all kinds of $7 fitness classes. / Photograph courtesy Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia

Philly’s got plenty of fitness festivals to choose from — the Good Fest, the Positivity Charge, the new Unconventional Wellness Festival, our very own Be Well Philly Bootcamp. (Get excited!) But most of them are 1. in the summer, when we’re not all building up those chubby hibernation cheeks, and 2. pricey, with some charging upward of $100 for general admission tickets. We’re not knocking that — big events are expensive to put on. It’s just a factor to consider when you’re planning out your weekends.

Less so for Resolution Rx. The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia’s fifth annual fitness and wellness summit, on February 10th, offers classes from some of the best studios in town for just $7 a pop. Let us repeat that: $7. If you signed up for a session at each of the four times on the schedule, it would cost less than $30. (OK, with Eventbrite fees, it’s a little more but still.) And (AND!) all the money — from ticket sales, donations, and a raffle — goes to Back On My Feet, the locally based nonprofit that uses running as a strategy to help individuals experiencing homelessness.

If you weren’t already convinced, the Resolution Rx agenda is packed with favorite fitness names such as Three Queens Yoga, the Allongée Technique, and Real Girl Pilates. And, of course, there’ll be wellness vendors (think: Summit Acupuncture, Anthology Wellness, City Hydration) and healthy snacks. We’re particularly looking forward to RxBar’s nut butter stand. New this year is the relaxation room in the 11th-floor Stratus Rooftop Lounge for folks to hang out and wind down between classes.

Ready to buy a ticket? You can do that here. Want to get in on the feel-good fitness action even sooner? Enroll in Resolution Rx’s kick-off spin class at Revel Ride on February 9, the day before the summit, here.

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