4 Philly Fitness Events for People Who Love Breakfast Foods

Workouts with happy hour are nice, but workouts with brunch are better.

The Great Pumpkin Roll Donut | Photo courtesy of Federal Donuts

Look, we love the whole workout-followed-by-happy-hour routine. It’s great. But while a cocktail does make for a nice treat, there’s one thing we will always choose over any alcoholic beverage — and that would be breakfast foods. Any and all the breakfast foods.

The thing is, we know we’re not the only breakfast-for-dinner lovers and brunch addicts out there. I mean, breakfast foods are universally beloved for their versatility and delishability (yeah, that’s not a word. Neither is brinner. Deal with it.). There’s nothing a stack of pancakes can’t fix, am I right?

So while we’ll gladly accept a post-sweat-session glass of vino, what we’d really love is some breakfast tacos, please and thank you. Here, we’ve rounded up four Philly fitness event series that bring our workout-breakfast-food fusion dreams to life. Mark your calendars for them now — and we’ll keep an eye out for you at the waffle bar.

Namaste Nourish Yoga Brunches

Yoga and brunch. Yoga brunch. What more could you want from your weekend? At these pop-up events, hosted by Namaste Nourish and Teranga Yoga, an hour-ish yoga class is followed by a sit-down, plant-powered brunch. Past iterations have included a DIY avocado toast bar and a waffle and vegan “nice” cream spread. Coming up soon: A Cinco de Mayo yoga-and-tacos celebration.

Sansom Street Donut Run

Most people say they don’t run unless someone is chasing them — but I bet they’d change their tune if they knew there were Federal Donuts at the finish line. Thanks to Philadelphia Runner, you can start the first Saturday of every month at 9 a.m. with a free three-ish mile run, followed by Federal Donuts and coffee. The run starts and ends at Philadelphia Runner’s 1601 Sansom Street location, and you can find more info here.


Daybreaker — a pop-up 6 a.m. yoga class followed by two hours of dancing — may be known as a sober dance party. But what it lacks in alcohol, it more than makes up for in breakfast foods. At each Daybreaker event, you’ll find healthy foods, coffee, and juice. So by the time you drag yourself into the office afterwards, even if you’re still sweaty from jamming on the dance floor, you’re at least properly nourished. Keep an eye out for the next one here.

Yoga Breakfast Club

Katie Gould, the trainer behind KG Strong, launched a Yoga Breakfast Club all the way back in 2015. The concept started as a yoga class followed by mimosas at Gould’s home. Nowadays, the Yoga Breakfast Club meets monthly and includes an hour of yoga, continental breakfast — and, of course, bottomless mimosas. The next one is on April 22, and you can keep an eye on the schedule for more.

Correction: A former version of this post incorrectly stated that the next Yoga Breakfast Club is on April 23. It is scheduled for April 22. 

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