How Taking 7 Flywheel Classes a Week Helped Me Lose 35 Pounds

Mike Connor got addicted to Flywheel — and a plant-based diet.

Photographs courtesy Mike Connor.

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Who: Mike Connor, 63, a state constable from Delaware County

Why inspired my change: “Part one was when I first made the decision to participate in the Police Unity Tour in the summer of 2014. After spending a couple grand on a bike and the gear I figured I better get working on my weight. After a couple seasons of being about 235 to 240, I decided I needed to change something to further improve. That’s when I went to a book signing with [plant-based diet advocate] Rip Esselstyn last June.”

Starting weight: 240 pounds (June 2017)

Current weight: 205 pounds

What changed: “[I started going to Flywheel Bryn Mawr]. Within two weeks my scores increased by ten percent. A month later, I did Tour deShore [a 65-mile charity bike ride], and beat last year’s ride by 35 minutes. I was hooked!!”

How I changed my diet: “I only changed everything. I switched to a plant-based diet in June 2017. I got rid of all meats and dairy products. My meals consist of plants, good carbs, fruits, and such.”

How I changed my workout plan: “Generally, I have been taking six to seven Flywheel classes a week. In the beginning, I was doing a lot of double classes as part of my training for the Police Unity Tour (which is four days, 280 miles, and 12,000 feet of climbing). During the ride, we do a lot of stopping for eats and Memorial services along the way. All the time off the bike causes a lot of cramping, so I do back-to-back classes to help train for that part of the tour. If the weather ever breaks I’ll do more rides outside to help with the parts that you don’t get with spin. ”

What I’m most proud of: “My energy is up and my blood work finally got right with all the recommended markers.”

What’s next: “My ultimate goal right now is 195 pounds. But I’m not in a hurry. I want to keep it toned as I lose.”

What I want everyone to know“It doesn’t have to be forever, just today. I will worry about tomorrow tomorrow!”

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