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5 Healthy Things to Do This Weekend in Philadelphia

Happy Friday, fit fam! We made it. I don’t know about you, but this has been a week packed with holiday-related celebrations, and for that […]

Be Well Philly

Here’s Where You Can Try a Free EverybodyFights Boxing Class Before Their New Philly Gym Opens

There’s no doubt that boxing is kind of a big deal in the Philly fitness scene right now. Title Boxing Club just opened, Rumble Boxing is on […]

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Be Well Philly

5 Healthyish Things to Do This Weekend in Philly

Happy Friday! We did it, fam. We made it to the end of the week — which is particularly impressive this week, considering that winter officially arrived […]

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This Manayunk Gym Is Celebrating Its Birthday With Free Workouts

Right now, at the end of October, the holidays on the horizon, we couldn’t blame you if your motivation to work out is hitting its annual […]

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You Can Learn How to Check for Breast Cancer at This Pop-Up Yoga Event

While checking for breast cancer is probably something most of us file under “Things I Should Probably Be Doing,” I’d be willing to bet that […]

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There’s a Brand-New Dilworth Park Fitness Series Launching This Fall

Sad that summer’s pretty much officially over? Chin up, kiddo. While outdoor free fitness season may have come to a close, that doesn’t mean that […]

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Philadelphia Health Events and Pop-Up Workouts

DECEMBER 2018 HEALTH EVENTS As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s best to keep up your healthy habits before the weather — and all the yummy […]

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Honeygrow Wants to Give You Store Credit for Attending Their Pop-Up Workouts

If the summer heat has slowed your drive to exercise, we’ve got some new motivation for you. Through Honeygrow’s new check-in system on their app, you […]

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26 Cool Fitness Events Happening Around Philly This August

With three opportunities to do the Best of Philly Best Workout Trend (puppy yoga!), an Olympic gold medalist’s shooting clinic, a SUP clean-up event, and […]

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This Free Strength Training and DIY Facial Event Looks So Fun

It’s pretty gross to think about all the dirt and sweat collecting on our faces after a high-energy workout, but the fact remains that actually […]

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15 Things Every Fitness-Loving Philadelphian Needs to Try This Summer

Have we mentioned how much we love summer in Philadelphia? There’s so much to do, so much good (frozen, sweet) food to eat, it sometimes […]

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This Pop-Up Event Will Have Free Barre Workouts and Avocado Toast

Trust us, there is no one more excited for Be Well Philly Boot Camp on June 2 than we are. A day full of good food, […]

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4 Philly Fitness Events for People Who Love Breakfast Foods

Look, we love the whole workout-followed-by-happy-hour routine. It’s great. But while a cocktail does make for a nice treat, there’s one thing we will always choose over […]

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This Huge Free Yoga Series Is Returning to Race Street Pier

The Race Street Pier ranks pretty high on our list of “Phillie’s most scenic spots.” For that reason, we can’t think of a better venue for […]

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21 Free Workouts, Fun Runs, and Other Fitness Events in April

Did we miss your event? Send us the details at MONDAY, APRIL 2 FREE WEEK OF MAHA YOGA CLASSES There may be no such thing […]