This New Saturday Morning Run Club Ends With Free Doughnuts and Coffee

Best Saturday plans ever?

Photo courtesy of Federal Donuts

So, you know how doughnuts are one of the best foods ever? (Especially festive ones like this). But every time you have a hankering for one you’re all like: I want a doughnut, but I really shouldn’t. Well, my friends, there’s a way to have your doughnut and eat it too: Philadelphia Runner has teamed up with their neighbors, Federal Donuts, to create a Sansom Street Donut Run group — and everyone is invited.

This delicious, decadent running group will be meet up on the first Saturday of every month at 9 a.m.  — which you may have noticed is this Saturday, February 3. But on this Saturday, the group will be meeting at Philadelphia Runner Center City — that’s at 1601 Sansom Street in Rittenhouse — to commence a three (ish)-mile run. The run will loop the group back around to the shop, finishing where it started.

Back at the store, participants will be greeted by the wafting aromas of complimentary (as in free!) coffee and Federal Donuts doughnuts for a little post-run refuel. This week, be sure to don your finest Eagles green to get the good vibes brewing for the Big Game this Sunday. Plus, there’s no need to sign up in advance; just show up ready to pound the pavement (and some doughnuts).

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