The Checkup: WTF Is Brain Fog? (And Why Do You Have It?)

And other reads to start your week off the healthy way.

• If you tend to lose focus, crave sweets or forget things when 2 p.m. hits at the office, you might be experiencing brain fog. It can stem from a diet that’s messing with your head, hormone imbalances or a lack of quality sleep — here, an expert dishes on what brain fog is and why folks experience it. [POPSUGAR]

• Doctors try to answer the question, Can you be healthy and fit even if you’re overweight? [New York Times]

• A new study compared the gut microbiome of people who developed PTSD and people who experienced significant trauma but did not develop PTSD, and their findings could help them more fully understand the disorder. [Well + Good]

• Heads up — your dog might not be enjoying your hugs as much as you think. Here’s how to tell if Fido is actually feeling the love. [Women’s Health]

•  Crazy workweek? There are dozens of on-the-go meditation tools you can do anywhere, anytime to re-center your mind and body. [MindBodyGreen]

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