Bookmark This: This 35-Minute YouTube Workout Is a Godsend on Rainy Days

Finding a good YouTube workout is almost as hard as finding a perfectly ripe avocado at Whole Foods. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve pressed play on what looked like a good workout video only to, just a few minutes later, be filled with the same level of regret sending a drunk text to a high-school boyfriend induces. This, my friends, is why I was downright overjoyed when I discovered this Body By Simone 35-minute dance-cardio workout on YouTube a few months back.

I’m telling you, this workout video is an honest-to-goodness godsend on days when I can’t make it to a fitness studio (or just don’t want to, because rain … or laziness). It checks all the boxes: It works my entire body — there are dance portions, where you learn a routine (very satisfying), with strength portions interspersed throughout — it’s short (but not too short), equipment is minimal, and IT’S FUN. And Wyomissing native Taylor Swift (along with Chrissy Teigen and Karlie Kloss!) gets her sweat on in trainer Simone De La Rue’s classes in real life — and if she’s good enough for Taylor and a bunch of models whose bodies are their actual careers then she’s definitely good enough for me.

And since it looks like it may rain for a good chunk of this week (say it with us: BOOOOO), making outdoor workouts pretty darn unpleasant, we figured we should share this secret YouTube gem with you. You can stream the workout below and thank us later.

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