Taylor Swift Perfects Weird (and Hilarious) Walk to Avoid Being Seen After a Gym Session 

Proof Taylor is just like us: She goes to great lengths to avoid being seen right after a workout.

As anyone else whose face turns the color of a freshly painted fire engine during even the least strenuous of physical activity knows, there is little worse than running into someone you know after a killer gym session. Mostly because they get this look of concern on their face and ask questions like, “Are you alright?” and “Do you need to sit down?” Because your face is just. SO. Red.

This is why I avoid human contact of any kind after a sweat session until my face has had a good 20 minutes to return to its normal color.

I don’t know if Wyomissing native Taylor Swift is afflicted with this post-workout red-face curse, too, but she sure acts like it. Yesterday, The Cut posted a hilarious video of Swift strategically walking sideways, almost robotically, out of the gym to her car to avoid being snapped by the paparazzi. It’s weird and mesmerizing and crying-with-tears-of-joy-emoji-worthy all at the same time. And be warned: It will make you wish you had a driver to pick you up after every sweat session so you, too, could avoid being seen by anyone with your bright-red post-workout face ever again. #Goals.

You can watch the video below below.

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