The Checkup: Here’s When Your Sleep Quality Starts to Plummet

And more healthy reads to have on your radar today.

• New research published in the journal Neuron found that Delta sleep (that’s restorative sleep, where your brain consolidates memories and clears junk) declines by a whopping 50 percent in some men when they hit their 30s, as compared with their 20s. Women are luckier, seeing more like a 25 percent decline in their 30s. The folks over on Discover break down the why — and how to try your very best to maintain your sleep quality. [Discover]

Three breaths: That’s all it takes to chill out when you’re feeling, well, the opposite of chill. [MindBodyGreen]

• ACK! There’s a parasite that can be found in raw fish called anisakiasis, and with the uptick of people eating sushi, there’s been an uptick of people ingesting this parasite on the west. I repeat: ACK! [CNN]

• Shocker: Donald Trump has said some pretty crazy (and factually inaccurate — surprise!) stuff about fitness. [The Atlantic]

• Here, a writer tries four Philly spin classes in five days. Spoiler: SoulCycle was NOT his jam. [Billy Penn]

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