The Checkup: How to Crush More Calories, No Matter the Workout

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• Little tweaks — like employing gravity or simply becoming a true workout-playlist mastermind — can pay off big when it comes to burning more calories during your workouts. Here, a slew of science-backed ways to up your calorie burn, no matter how you’re sweating. [Health]

• Next time you’re feeling lazy, know that taking a hot bath — complete with candles and Solange music, of course — instead of hitting your favorite workout is actually doing your body some good. Seriously, science says so! [Well + Good]

• Allergy season is a comin’. Here, five bedtime habits to keep allergies at bay. []

• Ack! There’s a good chance you’re planking all wrong, and it could be preventing you from reaping all the core benefits. The good news, though: This trick should help you correct your plank form. [Self]

• Apparently, athleisure isn’t appreciated on airlines. This past weekend, some children were denied entry onto their flight, thanks to their leggings-clad legs. [The Cut]

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