The Checkup: The Simple Trick Dietitians Swear By to Avoid Overeating 

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• Raise your hand if, come lunchtime, you’re ready to shovel your entire tupperware of quinoa salad into your face in one forkful? Same. But dietitians suggest you take a different approach to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortably full and bloated for the next few hours: Halfway through your meal, take a 10-minute break. Then, after your body has had a bit of time to start digesting your meal, decide whether you are still hungry for the rest. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Basil isn’t just good for whipping up a mean pesto sauce, it’s also a great skin-clearing herb. [Well + Good]

• Chances are, you’ve spotted the bullet journal infiltrating your Instagram feed, courtesy of your always-organized coworker. Well, here the science behind why people have become obsessed with the journaling technique. [Science of Us]

• If you were wondering what an Olympic athlete eats, Ryan Lochte loves avocado toast and all things tofu … and just about everything else. Considering he needs to squeeze in a whopping 7,000 calories a day, he can’t really be too picky. [Bon Appetit]

• Not-too-surprising new scientific finding: Getting your downward dog on regularly reduces stress. [TIME]

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