8 Ways to Instantly Make a Glass of Non-Dairy Milk Drool-Worthy

From a turmeric-packed concoction to strawberry almond milk and more, here's how to step up your (non-dairy) milk game.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks (and if you have been, I don’t blame you: it’s hot as hell out there and you gotta find shade where you can), you’ve probably seen talk about Golden Milk. Of course, with a name as regal as that, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking on a blog post talking about it. Upon doing just that, I found that this drink is more yellow than gold, really, (but who wants to drink something called “yellow milk,” am I right?) and gets its striking color from turmeric and ginger.

Golden Milk is touted as having a slew of benefits such as aiding digestion, fighting colds, encouraging weight loss, and fighting sore muscles and, usually, it’s crafted with coconut or almond milk. This got me thinking about what other delicious (and maybe health-benefiting) non-dairy milk concoctions I was missing out on. After doing some digging around the World Wide Web, I found many ways to step up my non-dairy-milk game. From a recipe for the notorious Golden Milk, to a recipe for a healthier strawberry milk, here are eight recipes to instantly upgrade a glass of non-dairy milk. 

Golden Milk
via Brit + Co

Like I mentioned above, this drink is touted as a miracle health elixir. And it’s easy to make: Just take a glass of coconut or almond milk and stir with a little turmeric, ginger, cardamom, honey (if you want) and a pinch of black pepper. Yum, yum, yum.

Matcha Green-Tea Milk
via The Modern Buttery

I have raved about matcha before and I will rave about it again: It is DELICIOUS. (Bonus: It’s packed with antioxidants.)This recipe walks you through how to first make your own fresh almond milk, then how to make it green with matcha. You can easily sub in some store-bought almond milk if you’re tight on time.

Chai Milk
via Amy Chaplin

If you’re less of a green tea enthusiast and more of a chai guy, this chai tea, made with homemade almond milk that won’t curdle (victory!) is a winner.

Vegan Thai Iced Tea
via Minimalist Baker

I’ve only ever tried Thai Iced Tea with dairy milk but let me tell you, it is a damn delicious drink — and this recipe claims to boast near-identical flavor using canned coconut milk. An added perk: It is a truly Instagram-worthy concoction.

Strawberry Milk
via Well and Full

Using real strawberries and homemade almond milk, this stuff so beat Nesquik.

Banana-Coconut Vegan Nog
via Hello Glow

No, it’s not the holidays. But just check out the recipe and tell me you don’t start dreaming about sipping on this nog right now, even in the dead of July. Just pour it over ice and boom: you’ve got a milky treat for summer.

Chocolate Milk
via Strictly Delicious

Only because what is a milk recipe roundup without the king of milks? This particular recipe chooses coconut milk as a base, but I’m positive you could easily use almond milk, rice milk or any other non-dairy milk of your choice.

via One Ingredient Chef

This cinnamon-y concoction, made with a cashew- and rice-milk mix of sorts, is super refreshing.

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