The Checkup: How to Get Envy-Inducing Abs With an Unexpected Piece of Equipment

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.

• Next time you’re looking to squeeze in a killer ab workout, just head to the neighborhood playground, hop on a swing (not your typical workout equipment, eh?), and follow this trainer’s orders. Best workout ever? Probably. [Well + Good]

• Get ready to drool: These no-bake lemon coconut protein bars are super easy to make (who doesn’t love a good no-bake recipe?), and they look darn delicious. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Feeling rundown and lazy? No more: Here, three tips you find your motivation. [Greatist]

• If the thought of taking an hour out of your day for a workout makes you break out in stress hives, relax: Here’s how to get the most out of mini workouts done throughout the day. [Women’s Health]

• Here, a neuroscientist explains why you can’t simply will yourself to lose weight. [The Atlantic]

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