Fishtown Is Getting a Juice Shop — Finally!

Every day, on my seven-minute walk home from the subway, I see a good 5,654 sweaty humans walking or biking or skateboarding home with a yoga mat in hand. Okay, okay, maybe that number is a slight exaggeration — but there are a lot of them. This has made me wonder for months now how Fishtown, a neighborhood that is overflowing with hip yogis, does not have a single juice shop. Because let’s be honest: Generally speaking, yogis and juice go together like peanut butter and jelly. And it looks like someone read my mind: Towners Juice Bar is set to open at the corner of Palmer and Thompson Streets this month.

I stumbled across the soon-to-open corner juice shop, located right down the street from Interstate Drafthouse, on Sunday when I was walking my dog. They don’t seem to have a website yet but their Instagram profile (they posted their first photo just a week ago) says they are a cold-pressed juice bar with vegan, organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free goods, and they’ll be opening in mid-August.

I peeked through the window when I was walking by, and it looked like there was still a good amount of work to do before they open up shop, so I’m wondering if, like all new business openings, the mid-August opening date is a bit optimistic. But don’t worry: I’ll be rerouting my usual morning dog walk to stay in the know. Stay tuned, juice junkies.

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