The Checkup: How Many Calories Does CrossFit Really Burn?

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• Scientists at Kennesaw State University studied the calorie-burning power of one of CrossFit’s workouts — the Cindy, if you’re familiar with CrossFit workout names — and found the workout burned a whopping 261 calories in just 20 minutes. Dang! [Men’s Health]

• Guys, temperatures are supposed to soar into the 80s (!!) today. And you know what that means? It’s officially smoothie season. Here, 10 delicious smoothie recipes that are loaded with fiber and protein, and designed to fill you up, burn fat, and debloat your belly.  [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Here, how to not just sit around when you’re chained to your desk all day. [Outside Magazine]

• Five cooking tips to take your vegetarian meals to the next level. [Well + Good]

• Is cracking your knuckles actually bad for you? Mystery solved, thanks to a researcher who cracked the joints in his left hand but not his right hand for 60 years to find out. [Refinery29]

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