The Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide: What to Cook, Where to Work Out and More



Well, it’s official: Thanksgiving week has finally arrived. And if you can already feel your stomach knotting up in anticipation of everything to come—hosting every single relative you’ve ever met in your one-bedroom apartment; attempting to please your vegan aunt and your Paleo cousin during the same meal; making sure Great Uncle Lonnie doesn’t fall asleep at the dinner table—trust us, you are not alone. Case in point: Last night, I woke up in a deep sweat after having a nightmare that my Thanksgiving pecan pie turned out all wrong, with chunks of uncooked butter floating throughout and everyone at the dinner table was disgusted. I had a Thanksgiving nightmare, you guys—the struggle is real.

So, because we totally feel your holiday-anxiety pain, we’ve created The Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide, a resource for all your Turkey-Day needs. Here, you’ll find Be Well Philly posts on everything from Turkey Trots around Philly to Thanksgiving recipes for every diet to clever ways to get your family out of your tiny apartment for a few hours (hiking in the Wissahickon, anyone?). Now, read up and watch your blood pressure drop.

Thanksgiving Recipe Inspiration

16 Delicious Thanksgiving Dishes for Every Diet
Please everyone at the dinner table—vegan and Paleo cousins included—with the help of these 16 dishes.

5 Philly Pinterest Boards that Are Making Us Hungry for the Holidays
Thanksgiving recipe inspiration galore awaits you here.

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
What better way to kick off Thanksgiving Day than with a giant batch of protein-packed pumpkin pie smoothies? Your family will thank you.

Recipe: Gluten-Free Molasses Spice Mini Pumpkin Pies
These might just be the cutest pies on planet Earth. And they’re gluten-free, to boot!

10 Philly-Area Bakeries Whipping Up Gluten-Free Pies for Thanksgiving
And if baking is so not your thing, no worries, these local bakeries will do it for you. But only a few of these them are still taking Thanksgiving orders (until today!), so you’d better act fast.

Thanksgiving Workout Ideas

20 Turkey Trots Near Philadelphia
Here, you’ll find pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Trots, Thanksgiving-Day Turkey Trots and Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Trots. Many of the trots allow strollers and young kids, too, so the whole family is welcome.

7 At-Home Moves to Torch Calories Before You Feast
Squeeze in this quick no-equipment workout before you eat your bodyweight in pie.

Where to Do Yoga on Thanksgiving Day
Here, 20 yoga studios that are offering classes on Turkey Day. Bonus: A big handful of the classes are donation-based, with proceeds going to charity.

Class Pass: 5 Fun Fitness Classes to Try Around Philly This Week
Work off some of that pre-Thanksgiving anxiety at one of these fun workout classes. Free boot camp, perhaps?

10 Complete At-Home Workouts That Only Take 20 Minutes
10 travel-friendly workouts to help you burn off that turkey, wherever you are.

Fun Fitness Stuff to Do With the Family

The Ultimate Philly Fitness Bucket List
Round up the whole fam and scratch something (or a few things) off of our Philly Fitness Bucket List, like climbing Lemon Hill or sprinting the Rocky steps.

9 Best Places to Walk and Hike Near Philadelphia
There’s not denying it: Thanksgiving gatherings can get pretty cramped. Get some fresh air along one of these Philly trails.

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