5 Philly Pinterest Boards That Are Making Us Hungry for the Holidays

Broccoli fennel soup from Philly's With Food + Love

Broccoli fennel soup from Philly’s With Food + Love // Recipe link below.

We’re just about to enter the season of eating, two back-to-back holidays that feature a big meal with all the trimmings (and then some). Plus, when you figure in all the holiday parties and cookie swaps you’ll inevitably be roped into over the next few weeks, you can safely assume you’ll be eating for, well, pretty much a month straight.

While I would never preach total eating abstinence (Please. Have you met me? This girl loves to eat.), I would encourage you to go the pot-luck route when you can. Why? Because bringing a dish or two to a holiday gathering gives you at least some control over what you shove down your gullet. Bring, say, a giant green salad, and you can load up on your contribution while simply sampling from everyone else’s.

To give you some fresh ideas for foods that are festive, delicious and good for you, we turned to our trusty Philly friends over on Pinterest. These are locals who fill our feed with eats we’d be proud to bring to a pot-luck meal. The whole oh-hey-this-food-is-good-for-you thing can be our little secret.

1. Soup by With Food + Love

Local Philly food blogger Sherrie Castellano keeps things fresh and yummy in the soup department. I’d give serious consideration to the broccoli fennel soup with kale and Meyer lemon zest (pictured above) and gold rush butternut soup with smoky chickpea croutons.

2. Recipe Inspiration by Grace Dickinson

Another Philly-area foodie and food photographer, Grace Dickinson pins recipes from around the web and keeps the list well curated. Need a good appetizer? Try the Brussels sprouts sliders.

3. Holidays by Kelly Jones

Newtown-based dietician Kelly Jones maintains dozens of boards related to food—naturally. We’re digging the one that’s all about holiday eats (Hey! We see some Be Well Philly recipes on there!). Jones pins a lot of vegan options, so if you’re looking for meat-free inspiration, this is where you want to be.

4. Recipes by Jennifer Pullman

She’s another dietician based in Bucks County, and her cache of recipe ideas is vast. (Note: Not everything is low cal, but it is all delicious to look at.) If you only try one thing, make it the creamy avocado yogurt dip.

5. Teaspoon of Spice Creations by Deanna Segrave-Daly

She’s the Philly half of the blog Teaspoon of Spice (the other half is Chicago-based Serena Ball), and an RD to boot. This board catalogues Teaspoon’s recipes, with mouthwatering seasonal eats like dairy-free butternut squash soup and pumpkin cannoli dip (!!).

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