The Checkup: This Surprising Fall Food Is Your New Weight-Loss Secret



• If you think of potatoes as the weight-loss enemy—because, well, french fries, twice-baked potatoes and oh-so-cheesy mashed potatoes—think again. Fiber-rich sweet potatoes are your BFF when it comes to weight loss. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Some unsolicited advice: Buy yourself a vacation instead of that perfectly plush couch you’ve been pining over—science says experiences make you happier than stuff does. [The Atlantic]

• You know how cutting a pineapple is the absolute WORST? Well, not anymore thanks to this genius pineapple-cutting hack. Hallelujah! [Women’s Health]

• A gift for all you desk jockeys out there: six Pilates moves you can do in the office without looking totally nuts. [MindBodyGreen]

• Is pumpkin seed oil the new coconut oil? [Well + Good]

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