The Checkup: The Crazy Upside-Down Ab Move You Have to Try



• You guys, my abs burn just thinking about this walking-upside-down ab exercise—it’s that insane. [Men’s Health]

• This Grilled Buffalo Shrimp recipe, served with a lighter-than-usual blue cheese dip, is the definition of drool-worthy. [POPSUGAR Food]

• If you sit at a desk all day, chances are, you have a few knots in your neck. Here, a 60-second fix. Hallelujah! [Prevention]

• When was the last time you thought about your vitamin-E intake, ladies? If new research is any indication, probably never: A whopping 96 percent of women don’t get the recommended daily amount. [Women’s Health]

• This will come in handy when you hit the farmers’ market this weekend: Six tips for picking the perfect fall produce. [Shape]

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