Free Starbucks for Broad Street Runners

If you guzzle Skinny Mochas like they’re water, listen up: The Pain Management Center, which has locations in the Navy Yard and over in Jersey, is offering Broad Street Runners free Starbucks gift cards, good for $5 toward your Starbucks drink of choice. Nice of them, right?

The process of getting one is a tiny bit convoluted, so bear with me. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Head to the Pain Management Center’s booth at the Broad Street Run Expo at the Convention Center on Friday or Saturday. They’ll be at booth #204.

2. Reps there will be giving out a limited number of Pain Center tech tees. Take one while supplies last. (Or, you can fill out this form, and they’ll set one aside for you ahead of time to guarantee that you’ll get one.)

3. Wear the shirt on race day.

4.  Take a picture of yourself at Broad Street on Sunday wearing the shirt.

5. Tweet said picture to Prospira PainCare (@ProspiraPC), the company that runs the Pain Management Centers, to prove that you’re wearing the shirt during the race. Feel free to throw the Broad Street Run’s handle (@IBXRun10) in there, too. Can’t hurt.

6. Sit back and wait for your $5 Starbucks gift card to be tweeted back at you. Prospira PainCare will be using Starbucks’ Tweet-a-Coffee program to send you your swag.

That’s it! All the details for the giveaway are here, if you need ’em. Happy sipping, Broad Streeters.

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