The Checkup: The Crazy-Awesome Push-up Variation You’ll Love



• Have you ever done a primal push-up? It could be your new favorite exercise move. [Women’s Health]

• Hollerrrrrr. The November Project made its way into this list of the Best Alternative Gyms in America, and we’ve got a chapter here in Philly. Don’t know about them? Read our post on free workouts in Philly and you’ll figure it out. [Greatist]

• I just shouted “BLERG!” when I read this headline: “Average Obese Woman Gets Just One Hour of Exercise a Year.” A YEAR! [HealthDay]

• Some straight talk on self-tanners—and whether or not they’re horribly dangerous for your health. [Prevention]

• Yes, please: gluten-free cheddar biscuits. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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