Rival Bros. Coffee Coming to East Passyunk

rival-bros-11th-tasker-940Rival Bros Coffee, the coffee company from Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi have announced that they are opening their second location, this one across from the Fountain on East Passyunk, at 11th and Tasker Streets, the former home of Chiarella’s.

The Rival Bros. Coffee Bar will have a similar vibe to Rival’s 24th and Lombard location and the menu will be the same, including a rotating selection of breads and pastries from High Street on Market.

Rival Bros. Coffee Bar – East Passyunk [Foobooz] 

The Checkup: 7 Healthy Foods That Can Completely Sabotage Your Workouts

• You may think you’re doing yourself a favor by noshing on some hummus and crackers before you hit the gym, but these healthy-eating experts disagree. Same goes for leafy greens, raw seeds, and a slew of other seemingly good pre-workout foods, thanks in part to the bloat and stomach discomfort they can cause while you’re mid-lunge jump. [Women’s Health]
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The Checkup: This Is Why You Get Eye Boogers

• You know when you wake up with eye boogers? Or worse, you wake up next to someone else with gnarly eye boogers? Well, turns out that gunk is a combo of mucus, dust, lint, bacteria and dead skin cells, and the reason you have eye boogers in the morning and is because you’re not flushing your eyes out at night by blinking. Not that any of this information makes them any less gross. [Refinery29]
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La Colombe Gets Scientific with the Geographical Society and Monell Chemical Sciences Center

DarkAndStormy_webuseWhat happens when La Colombe CEO and host of the Travel Channel series Dangerous Grounds, Todd Carmichael, two scientists from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia get together for a night? A completely elevated coffee tasting experience. And Science.

This Thursday, March 31st at La Colombe’s flagship location at 1335 Frankford Avenue is Dark and Stormy, a special event that explains why 100 million Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day by looking at the science behind the drink, including the sensory experiences we have with our daily cup(s) of joe.

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The Checkup: The Argument for Going to Happy Hour Tonight — for Your Health 

• From the director of a 75-year study on happiness and health: “Over and over in these 75 years, our study has shown that the people who fared the best [health-wise] were the people who leaned into relationships with family, with friends and with community.” So instead of heading home and curling up on the couch tonight, grab some friends and catch up over happy hour (we have plenty of healthy picks here) or go get your dance on or, if you’re not into going out, have a Netflix and chill session with your BFF — for your health. [The New York Times]
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What You Could Talk About Over a $380 Coffee with Mayor Kenney

Jim Kenney photo by Jeff Fusco; background photo via Elixr’s website

Jim Kenney photo by Jeff Fusco; background photo via Elixr’s website

Mayor Jim Kenney is an expensive date.

Friends of Chester Arthur, a nonprofit that benefits Chester A. Arthur School in the Southwest Center City/G-Ho/Anderson Yards section of Philadelphia, recently auctioned off a coffee date with Kenney.

The winner paid $380 for the opportunity to talk to the mayor over coffee for a half-hour. That’s a $760 hourly rate for the mayor, which is partner-at-a-law-firm money.

“That’s not bad for a mayor of two months,” Kenney told the Philadelphia Business Journal. By the end of his term, he’s going to be collecting a grand an hour, at least. Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Should Drink Coffee Right Before Sleeping

• Apparently, weirdly enough, coffee is the key to getting a great nap in. It takes 20 minutes for caffeine from a cup of coffee or an espresso to really kick in, so if you quickly down a cup then snooze for 20 minutes, you’ll wake up feeling super alert. We say you test run this nap trick this afternoon — for science’s sake. [Huffington Post] Read more »

La Colombe Draft Latte Is Only the Beginning

La Colombe Draft Latte in a can will be available March 1 | Photo by Alexander Mansour

La Colombe Draft Latte in a can will be available March 1 | Photo by Alexander Mansour

This morning, Todd Carmichael stood in front of the assembled media at his Fishtown cafe to show off La Colombe Draft Latte in cans. But as is often the case when Carmichael gets talking, there was a lot more shared.

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World Readies for La Colombe Draft Latte

Di Bruno Bros. Emilio Mignucci with a cup of La Colombe Draft Latte.

Di Bruno Bros. Emilio Mignucci with a cup of La Colombe Draft Latte.

Back in June, Todd Carmichael told Philadelphia magazine that he planned to revolutionize the world with his Starbucks killing canned draft latte. A bold statement for the founder of Philadelphia’s La Colombe but that’s the kind of guy he is.

Shortly after that statement, he rolled out draft latte at all his cafes in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. This week, Di Bruno Bros. Rittenhouse Square location at 18th and Chestnut Streets became the first external location to offer La Colombe Draft Latte on tap.

Draft Latte for the uninitiated is a frothy iced latte served from a tap system. The process allows La Colombe to pressurize the milk and give it a silky textured mouthfeel like a traditional latte.

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CUPS App Launching in Philadelphia

cupsappBig news for coffee lovers: CUPS, the app that allows customers to prepay for their coffee and specialty drinks from local cafés, is coming to Philadelphia.

In early February, CUPS will officially launch in Philly and is already partnered with several shops including Square One, Green Street Coffee Roasters, Bodhi, and OCF, with plenty more to come.

Essentially, while at the café, you can easily order your drink, add on any food you’d like, and tip the barista right on the app. The barista then enters a code for you within the app that allows you to pay for your order. Read more »

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