The Checkup: This Is Exactly When to Drink Coffee to Get the Most Out of It




• Between 9 a.m. and noon: That’s when science says you should reach for your first cup of coffee to get the most bang for your buck. You see, our cortisol levels — which naturally keep us alert — peak between 8 and 9 a.m., and coffee dulls that cortisol response. When you really need caffeine is after that, so wait until around 9:15 to down your La Colombe fix. You. Can. Do. It. [Refinery29]

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Why Dunkin’ Donuts Is Philly’s True Coffee Soulmate

The cup of coffee you carry around Philly says a lot about you. In a city where no one smiles or, God forbid, says hello, it can quickly relay a good amount of information about strangers. I like to think of it as the human equivalent of a butt sniff – or rather, the Philadelphian’s equivalent of a butt sniff.

When I see Red Hook’s cute little cup parading down Fourth Street, I can’t help but admire its drinker. Not only did she resist the best muffin in town, but she went to a locally owned café and spent a little extra to support her neighbors. She’s socially conscious and expensive smelling, but not so much better than me that she remembered her reusable travel mug. Read more »

I Tried It: Bulletproof-Style Buttered Coffee

I thought Bulletproof coffee — you know, the new-ish superfood breakfast that entails dumping a chunk of butter, among other stuff, into your morning cup o’ joe in order to feel more energized and burn more fat throughout the day — was one of those health fads that everyone would talk about for a few days and then never talk about again. Because, well, it’s kind of gross. But since we last wrote about the trend back in March of last year, it’s stayed on people’s tongues, in more ways than one. So, I figured we had to try it for ourselves.  Read more »

Peddler Coffee to Open Brick-and-Mortar Location

One of Peddler's custom built bicycles

Peddler Coffee, which historically has called itself a “nano scale” coffee operation that serves cold brew coffee out of hand pumps on custom built bicycles, is opening an actual brick-and-mortar shop of its own. We think they might be putting their bikes out of commission because the peddling life made them…two tired. Get it?

Anyway, they’re opening a brick and mortar storefront. Though they wouldn’t confirm more than Logan Square and opening this spring, we have it under good authority that it will be replacing the former Darling’s Café at 2100 Spring Street.

Peddler Coffee [official]

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