Third Plenty Cafe Opens in Queen Village

Plenty Cafe opens in Queen Village on Monday

Plenty Cafe opens in Queen Village on Monday

The anticipated opening of Anthony and Damon Mascieri’s Plenty Cafe in Queen Village is set for Monday, November, 14. Like the other two Plenty locations, the storefront at 705 South 5th Street will be an all-day cafe with specialty coffee; sandwiches and salads for lunch; cocktails, wine and beer; and more robust food at night.

The Queen Village Plenty will be the largest of the three cafes with 2,000 square feet housing a 10-seat bar and enough tables for 54 diners. With good weather, another 28 can be seated outdoors.

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The Checkup: It’s Perfectly Fine to Never Wash Your Coffee Mug (Really!)

• In today’s assurances that may seem questionable: It’s totally fine to never wash your office coffee mug (because you know you haven’t, like, ever), an infectious disease expert says, as long as you’re not sharing the mug with anyone or leaving cream and sugar in it for days on end. Because the disgusting truth is, your germy mug is probably way cleaner than the communal office sponge. [Science of Us] Read more »

Rival Bros. Opening in Center City

The Touraine will get a Rival Bros.

The Touraine will get a Rival Bros.

Rival Bros Coffee has announced a third location. Owners Damien Pileggi and Jonathan Adams are going to be opening a coffee shop in the Touraine at 1528 Spruce Street. This location joins the original cafe at 24th and Lombard and the announced East Passyunk storefront.

The Spruce Street location will be almost twice the size of Rival’s first location with seating for 30, wraparound banquets, lounge tables, 10-seat communal table and counter in the front table.

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Hubbub Coffee Locations Converting into Luke’s Diners for a Day

Image via Netflix; except the Hubbub part, that was all us

Image via Netflix; except the Hubbub part, that was all us.

Celebrate Gilmore Girls fans, not only are you getting four new episodes on Netflix, but the on-demand video service is also converting around 200 coffee shops around the country into Luke’s Diners. In Philadelphia that means all three area Hubbub Coffee locations are converting into Stars Hollow’s favorite morning spot for one day.

The takeover runs from 7 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, October 5th and the first 250 through the door of each location will get a free 12-ounce coffee courtesy of Netflix.

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Where to Celebrate Coffee Day

Affogato from Capogiro

Affogato from Capogiro

While running on all cylinders yesterday, we rolled our eyes at National Coffee Day. Like coffee needs a day? It has all of them already. But this morning, bleary eyed, we’re much more into celebrating National Coffee Day.

Here are some good ways to celebrate (including free coffee):

All Wawa locations are giving away a cup of any sized Wawa coffee today.

At Krispy Kreme, not only is the coffee free but they’re also giving away a free donut.

At Dunkin’ Donuts the coffee isn’t free but is discounted to 66¢ in honor of Dunkin’s 66th birthday.

McDonald’s isn’t giving away its coffee today but it is giving to a good cause. 100 percent of sales from McCafé drip coffees will benefit Covenant House of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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How to Beat the Dreaded Midday Work Slump (No, Coffee Is Not the Answer)

You totally know the feeling: It’s 2 p.m. and you’re sitting at your desk feeling what is best described as a lethal combination (at least for your productivity levels) of narcolepsy and total disinterest in anything and everything work-related. So, what do you do? You run to Starbucks and order a coconut milk latte — with an extra shot of espresso, of course. But as Fast Company reports, new research from smartwatch company Pebble suggests that coffee may not actually be your best bet when it comes to rebounding from an afternoon work slump.

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The Checkup: One Major Reason to Choose Hot Coffee Over Iced Coffee

• As someone who’s been drinking coffee since I was old enough to ride the school bus, having a cup of joe in the morning isn’t just an option; it’s a serious must. And when I’m running out the door, tight on time, I will scoop up a cup from the closest shop, and if it’s hot out, you better believe I am going for an iced coffee. But it looks like, if caffeine is my goal (and it is), this choice is one that could cost me in the pick-me-up department. The way iced coffee is brewed could mean less caffeine. NOOOOOO. [Science of Us] Read more »

6 Wake-Up Yoga Poses to Boost Energy and Jump-Start Digestion

Coffee. Oh, beloved coffee. Many of us are lost without it. But — while we wouldn’t dare urge you to abandon your caffeine addiction altogether — it is worth noting that there are other ways to wake up your brain and body.

Case in point: Here, Maura Manzo, co-founder of Conshohocken’s Yoga Home (you may recognize her from this year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp) walks us through six very doable (read: beginner-friendly) yoga poses that will help give you a dose of caffeine-free energy when you wake up (or when you need a 2 p.m. energy boost), along with jump-starting your digestion and gearing you up for a day spent at a desk. Check ’em out below.
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The Checkup: Why You Should Stop Drinking Your Coffee Piping Hot, Stat

• Good news, coffee addicts of the world: Yesterday, the World Health Organization officially took coffee off of its list of possible carcinogens, which it’s been on since 1991, and said that drinking coffee could actually protect against a number of cancers. That said, researchers did note that, surprisingly, drinking coffee—or any beverage, for that matter—when it’s super hot could contribute to esophageal cancer, so make sure to let your java cool before you sip! [New York Times] Read more »

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