20 Coffee Shops With Great Food in Philadelphia

When you’re looking for more than a croissant to go with your caffeine boost, head to these Philly cafes.

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Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of the house drip or a creamy draft latte, it’s easy to find a great coffee shop almost anywhere in Philly. But sometimes you’re craving a proper meal — breakfast, lunch, or otherwise — along with your cuppa, rather than a cellophane-wrapped bagel sandwich or a fossilized croissant. Here’s our list of the city’s best coffee shops and cafes that serve a solid menu alongside the caffeine you came for.


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Grindcore House, Pennsport, West Philly
Both coffee shops (the one in West Philly is called Grindcore x Crust, a partnership with Crust Vegan Bakery) are all-vegan, serving a selection of plant-based sandwiches and salads, and easily some of the best vegan pastries in the whole city.

Double Knot, Midtown Village
During the day, this Elixr-Schulson Collective collab is one of the city’s best spots to grab a coffee, with solid breakfast selections in the morning and customizable rice bowls, noodle bowls, and banh mi served at lunch.


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Kaffa Crossing, Spruce Hill
Get ful or spiced scrambled eggs with beef for breakfast and a veggie or meat injera platter for lunch — they’ve even got a vegetarian tofu wat — at this Ethiopian coffee shop and eatery in West Philly.

Front Street Cafe, Fishtown
This spacious spot under the El boasts one of the most extensive menus of any cafe on this list, with a full selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items with a healthy twist.

Franny Lou’s Porch, Kensington
Blew Kind’s colorful, welcoming hangout made a name for itself by becoming an integral part of the community first, and secondly by serving quality stuff: excellent sandwiches and salads named for social justice movements, like the Anti-Drone (made with goat cheese, veggie slaw, egg, and fresh greens) and the Pro-Children, peanut butter, jam, granola, and apple on focaccia bread.


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One Shot Coffee, Northern Liberties
This coffee shop (one of the city’s prettiest, we might add) serves up a solid brunch menu, with hearty dishes like biscuits and gravy, baked apple French toast, and a mushroom and buttered kale omelet for when you’re feeling decadent.

Satellite Cafe, Cedar Park
Neighborhood regulars at West Philly’s anarchist coffee shop swear by the Bike Shop Bagel (made with pesto, spinach, roasted red peppers, and your choice of real or vegan cream cheese) and the black bean wrap to accompany their kale smoothies.

Uncle Bobbie’s, Germantown
Marc Lamont Hill’s community-oriented cafe and bookstore also serves up fresh salads, soups, and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.


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Fitz & Starts, Queen Village
One of Philly’s best restaurant is also an all-day cafe — which means you can have whatever Pat O’Malley and his kitchen feel like cooking up that day while catching up with friends or meeting your deadline over coffee.

La Colombe, Fishtown
In addition to their extensive bread and pastry offerings, La Colombe’s outsized location on Frankford Avenue serves solid breakfast and lunch dishes, too — like their Parisian sandwich, a glorious combination of crisp-crusted baguette, thin-sliced ham, and lots of butter.

High Point Cafe, Fairmount, Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy
Looking for gluten-free, celiac-friendly pastries? High Point has a whole line of them made in-house, plus grab-and-go sandwiches and a slate of sweet and savory made-to-order crepes.


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Ray’s Cafe & Tea HouseChinatown
Settle in at Ray’s Cafe for a cup of siphon coffee, made with an intricate, gorgeous contraption that drip-drops some of the best brews in the city. And here, the handmade dumplings are just an added (always welcome) bonus.

Alif Brew & Mini Mart, West Philly
Ethiopia has long grown some of the best coffee in the world, so it’s no surprise that this Ethiopian cafe brews an exceptional cup. Pair it with an injera roll stuffed with spicy chicken or beef.


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Mina’s WorldWest Philly
If your idea of coffee-and-a-snack is an iced cardamom latte and a gluten free donut, vegan pastry, tofu pea samosas, or an apple cider croissant, Mina’s World is the place for you.

Cafe Y Chocolate, Newbold
You can get a drip coffee at Cafe y Chocolate, but you can also get a Mexican hot chocolate or a cappuccino blended with creamy cajeta, paired with any number of Mexican brunch or lunch treats, including some of the city’s greatest tacos, tortas, burritos, and more.


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Rowhome CoffeeFitler Square
We like the cozy, comfortable vibes and classic espresso drinks at Rowhome, but we love their breakfast sandwiches made on Philly soft pretzels.

Herman’s CoffeePennsport
Herman’s is technically a coffee roaster, and their coffee is indeed very good. But they also have an incredible selection of high-end, carefully curated grocery goods that are just as nice for snacking on-site as they are for picnicking and stocking your pantry. Check their Instagram or test your luck on any given day, when you might find them hosting a pop-up chef for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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Vibrant Coffee RoastersRittenhouse
Vibrant specializes in all things sourdough. From bread and toast to cinnamon buns and croissants, everything is naturally leavened and always pair well with seasonal coffee drinks made with house-roasted beans.

Lost Bread CafeRittenhouse
Is Lost Bread Cafe a coffee shop with a great bakery or a great bakery with good coffee? We’re inclined to think the latter, but we’re still including it on this list as a reminder to get your hands on one of their breakfast sandwiches and terrine-style hash browns as soon as possible.