Vote for Best of Philly: What’s Your Favorite Italian Restaurant?

Best New Italian restaurant 2016 winner: A Mano/Facebook

Best New Italian restaurant 2016 winner: A Mano/Facebook

When it comes to Italian restaurants in this city, we have an embarrassment of riches. From the old-school red gravy houses of South Philly to the authentic, modern, and trendsetting eateries dotted throughout the region, Philadelphia has become a destination-city for pasta-twirlers ‘round the world.

Every year, we pluck one restaurant from the crowd and designate it the city’s best for our annual Best of Philly issue. This year, however, we’re leaving it up to you.

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Men, This Is What You Should Wear to the Best of Philly Soiree

Images via Suitsupply | Suit 1, Suit 2, Pocket Square, Cufflinks

Images via Suitsupply | Suit 1, Suit 2, Pocket Square, Cufflinks

Fellas, it’s officially crunch time. Our Best of Philly Soirée is tomorrow and it’s time to figure out exactly what to to wear. We’ve already counseled the ladies on their outfits, so let’s talk about menswear.

Shopping for formal events in the dead of summer can be daunting (three-piece suit? In this humidity? Hard pass), but after years of seeing first-hand what makes the coolest Best of Philly outfits, we know what we’re talking about. Here are some helpful tips and inspiration for putting together the perfect men’s Best of Philly outfit.  Read more »

Check Out the Restaurants That Will Be at the Best of Philly Soiree

bop-soiree-400Next Thursday’s Best of Philly Soiree will feature a roster of restaurants that have won Best of Philly awards this year, or in years past. Look for bites from the likes of 2016 winners like Bing Bing Dim Sum, Bud & Marilyn’s, Double Knot, Hungry Pigeon and Opa. They’ll be joined by past winners and crowd favorites like American Sardine Bar, Laurel, Marigold Kitchen and V Street.

And it wouldn’t be a soiree without bubbly and spirits. Look for SKYY Vodka, Buffalo Trace and La Marca Prosecco among others.

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Best of Philly: The Fitness All-Stars We Love Right Now 

A Fit Academy boot camp class

Osayi Osunde leading a Fit Academy boot camp class

BIG news, people: Philadelphia magazine’s Best of Philly issue — complete with 275 brand-new picks for everything from the best coffee (a must-know) to the best local kombucha (another MUST-know) to the best work clothes you could work out in (need I say it again?) — is now out on newsstands and online.

And before you run to get your hands on a copy, below we’re giving you a taste of the can’t-miss fitness picks you’ll find on the pages. Here, four awesome fitness all-stars in Philly who you need to know about right now. Read up, then run out and get yourself a copy of this year’s Best of Philly issue so you can spend your evening reading up on the rest of this year’s winners — maybe with a kombucha cocktail in-hand?

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5 Easy Best of Philly Party Outfits

bop featured image 1.3Dressing for events is a skill that requires a well-trained eye, years of practice and an abundance of finesse — or an “oh-my-gosh-it’s-a-week-until-Best-of-Philly-and-I-still-have-no-idea-what-to-wear” attitude. Either way, this year’s Best of Philly Soirée is fast approaching (coming to Dilworth Plaza on Thursday, August 4th!) and it’s outfit crunch time.

No matter what camp you’re in (BOP veteran or first-year novice), we could all use a little style inspiration to make sure that our Best of Philly party outfits are up to snuff. Read on to discover what we’d love to see someone show up in and if you still need some advice, take a look at this list of do’s and don’ts from last year to get you on the right track. See you there? Read more »

Best of Philly: Eat More Fried Chicken

Best of Philly Fried Chicken Sandwich at Samwich | Photo by Jason Varney

Best of Philly Fried Chicken Sandwich at Samwich | Photo by Jason Varney

Best of Philly 2016 is now online as well as at newsstands. Check out the best in fried chicken as well as the rest of the Best in food, drink, shopping, beauty, health, fitness, fun and games.

Everyone is getting in on the fried-chicken-slapped-on-a-bun game these days, but the fried chicken sandwich (pictured) at Samwich (1040 North American Street, #1101, Northern Liberties, and 600 Catharine Street, Bella Vista) rises above the finger-lickin’ fray. A spice-blended, crispy-skinned, buttermilk-brined bird is topped with house-made bacon, pepper jack cheese, ranch dressing and sweet and sour pickles. You’ll need two hands and about 20 napkins.

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Best of Philly: Best Philadelphians 2016

From left: Taff, Ubiñas, Woodard, Mustafa. | Photograph by Nell Hoving

From left: Brian Taff, Helen Ubiñas, Omar T. Woodard, Yasmine Mustafa. | Photograph by Nell Hoving

TV Reporter

Brian Taff, 6 ABC

Let’s face it: Philly broadcasters have traditionally been little more than talking heads. But Taff is doing something different. He regularly takes to Facebook to break an unwritten rule of TV journalism by expressing his personal opinions on controversial topics like gay marriage and the hate-filled antics of Donald Trump. In an even tone, he calls for civility and
logic in an era that lacks both.


Helen Ubiñas, Daily News

Sometimes, being an outsider is a good thing. Ubiñas moved to Philly from Connecticut four and a half years ago and has used her column to point out just how screwed up this city is when it comes to handling issues like poverty and crime. She knows things can be better, and she’s not afraid to use some stunt journalism to prove it: She recently made national headlines when she wrote about how it took her all of seven minutes to buy an AR-15 rifle in Philly — and much longer to get rid of it at a police station. Read more »

Vote for Best of Philly: Who Has the Best Lunch on the Go?

Falafel at Agno Grill

Falafel at Agno Grill

The fast-casual restaurant segment is booming. We’ve even taken to ranking it on Foobooz via our Fast Casual Tracker. But now it’s your turn to vote for the Best Quickie Lunch Spot in this month’s Best of Philly poll.

Vote once a day now through April 26th and when you cast your ballot, you can also enter to win two tickets to the Best of Philly party.

Vote for the 2016 Best of Philly Quickie Lunch Spot [Philadelphia Magazine]

Best of Philly: What’s Your Favorite Local Yoga Studio?

Believe it or not, we here at Philly Mag HQ are already going full-steam ahead on our annual Best of Philly issue, which will hit newsstands this August. Since January, we’ve been posting online polls to let readers weigh in on our Best of Philly picks. We’ve already invited you to vote for your favorite pizza places and the best local radio hosts, but now we want to know: What’s your favorite local yoga studio?   Read more »

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