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Workout Playlist

Be Well Philly

This Local Violinist Turned DJ Turned SoulCycle Instructor Made Us a Fire Workout Playlist

Like so many kids, Bryant Reams picked up a musical instrument because his mother suggested it (read: required it). For the next decade, he practiced […]

Be Well Philly

12 Philly Fitness Instructors You Should Totally Follow on Spotify

I think we all know that the music can make or break a workout. If you’re in a studio where there’s lame music, chances are […]

Be Well Philly

The Workout Playlist to Make Your Next Long Run Feel Less, Well, Long

We’re in the thick of marathon training season, and if there’s one thing that can get you through those tough “WHY am I doing this? […]

Be Well Philly

Workout Playlist: The Philly 10K Edition

Guys, where the heck has summer gone? The end-of-summer race the Philly 10K is THIS Sunday, August 27th. (We repeat: WHERE did summer go?) And […]

Be Well Philly

We Created the Ultimate Taylor Swift Workout Playlist So You Don’t Have To

Guys, Taylor Swift (who happens to have been born in Reading, by the way) made a return to music-streaming services this weekend (she left ‘em — and […]

City Life

The Songs That Should Win SEPTA’s Commute Playlist Contest

On Wednesday, SEPTA announced a contest — “Name That Tune” — that asks riders for the song that best represents their transit commute. Of course, the […]

Be Well Philly

Stream It: Your Ultimate Girl-Power Workout Playlist 

Today is International Women’s Day. And there’s a chance that, like myself, recent events (see: our current president) have made you question, more than you […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: Spotify’s Top-Ranked Workout Songs

• Spotify crunched the numbers on their users’ workout-music favorites and released the top songs people got sweaty to in 2016. Somewhat surprisingly, Eminem’s 2002 […]

Be Well Philly

Stream It: Top Workout Songs of 2016

We are big believers in the powers of a good workout song, which is why every year, we take on the task of whittling down […]

Be Well Philly

‘Tis the Season: The Ultimate Pop Christmas Workout Playlist 

We are going to go ahead and make a bold statement: It is never too early for Christmas music. NEVER. There, we said it. And […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: Philly Study Validates Your Outrageous Lacroix Addiction

• The folks at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, right here in Philly, have figured out why your recycling bin is overflowing with Lacroix cans […]

Be Well Philly

Our Midweek Gift to You: A Running Playlist You Don’t Have to Make Yourself

It’s been a good few months since we last posted one of our Be Well Philly playlists on the blog (Though, do note, we do still […]

Be Well Philly

What Are the Best Workout Songs for Grueling Sweat Sessions?

If you were hoping the weather gods would have some mercy on us all and turn the temperature down a few notches, we’re right there with you. But […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: Why Hearing This While You Eat Could Mean Good Things for Your Waistline

• There is nothing worse than sitting on the train into work and listening to a stranger chew every last bite of their on-the-go breakfast. That […]

Be Well Philly

Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Beats to Unleash the Beast

Hip-hop music has always had a knack for convincing me I’m a whole lot stronger than I really am. There are certain tracks that make […]