Stream It: Your Ultimate Girl-Power Workout Playlist 

Looking for some girl-power anthems to bob your head to today? We've got you covered.

Today is International Women’s Day. And there’s a chance that, like myself, recent events (see: our current president) have made you question, more than you might’ve before, the value our society puts on women.

Enter this girl-power workout playlist, i.e. my life’s work. While it might not solve any actual problems, I can guarantee you one thing: It will serve as a sort of antidote to feeling (understandably) blech — at least for a few moments — especially when paired with an endorphin-boosting sweat session. It features plenty of Beyoncé hits (natch), along with a slew of other girl-power anthems, and it’s designed to make you, if nothing else, feel empowered — on a run, on your walk home or just at your desk. What you do with that feeling of empowerment is up to you! (P.S. Feel free to share your favorite girl-power anthems in the comments section!)

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