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Wing Bowl

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Philly’s 20 Biggest Winners of 2018

At the end of the year, it is customary for us here at Philly Mag to take stock of the good, the bad, and the […]

wing bowl
City Life

It’s Official: Wing Bowl Is Dead

Over more than 15 years here at Philly Mag, there are a few — OK, maybe more than a few — things that I’ve done […]

City Life

Should Wing Bowl Die With an Eagles Super Bowl Victory?

Do you think Wing Bowl should end if our underdog Eagles beat those cheating bastards from New England on Sunday? I found myself pondering this […]


Remember El Wingador? He’s Kickstarting a Philly Chicken Restaurant

However you feel about competitive eating, being a five-time champion of WIP’s “Wing Bowl” is something worth bragging about. And Bill “El Wingador” Simmons has […]

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Morning Headlines: Attackers Back on Schuylkill Trail

Good morning, Philadelphia. The snow is beginning to fall and stick across the region. We’re not expected to get a lot — about an inch […]

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Patrick Bertoletti Defeats Molly Schuyler, Sets Record to Win Wing Bowl 23

You’ve heard quite a bit from us about Wing Bowl this year. Is it time to end it? Won’t somebody think of the chickens?  Mick Foley […]

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The Real Losers at Wing Bowl: The Chickens

When morals get murky, I like to play a game I call, “What Would the Aliens Say?” (You could, of course, substitute the more mainstream […]

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Wing Bowl: Is It Time to End It?

Early one Friday morning last January, I was surrounded by roughly 20,000 screaming fans, an army of half-naked women, and an effigy of Ruben Amaro. […]

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Ex-Pro Wrestling Champ Mick Foley to Compete in Wing Bowl

Just when you thought Philadelphia’s annual pageant of the grotesque couldn’t get any weirder comes this news: Former world pro wrestling champion Mick Foley will […]

City Life

BBC Makes Wing Bowl Sound Even More Gross and Sexist

Not sure why the BBC waited two months to share its coverage of Wing Bowl with the world, but we have it at last. And […]


Video: The Drunk, Fat, Utterly Idiotic People of Wing Bowl 2014

There are two types of Philadelphians: those who think that Wing Bowl is the most awesome thing ever and those who think that Wing Bowl […]

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Polaneczky: Men Think Wing Bowl is Gross, Too

A day after she appeared on Angelo Cataldi’s show to debate the merits of Wing Bowl, Ronnie Polaneczky was back in the Daily News to […]

City Life

Polaneczky, Cataldi Tangle Over “Crude” Wing Bowl

Until now, we didn’t know that Angelo Cataldi could be hurt by anything but a poorly swallowed cheesesteak. Turns out he takes criticism of WIP’s Wing Bowl very […]

massive fight at wing bowl 22 Philadelphia
City Life

Video: Massive Fight at Wing Bowl 22

A huge number of people were involved in a fight in the stands at WIP’s Wing Bowl 22 on Friday morning at the Wells Fargo […]

City Life

38 Fairly Ridiculous Wing Bowl 22 Photos

Wing Bowl 22 went down this morning. Dan McQuade was on hand live tweeting. And HughE Dillon was snapping like a mad man as former […]