Video: The Drunk, Fat, Utterly Idiotic People of Wing Bowl 2014

Comedian N.A. Poe asks them, "Do you think the troops should come home from Iran?"


There are two types of Philadelphians: those who think that Wing Bowl is the most awesome thing ever and those who think that Wing Bowl is the most idiotic human endeavor possible. Those of you who fall into this latter category will enjoy a Wing Bowl 2014 video released by The Panic Hour, a comedy-activism collective based in Philadelphia.

Comedian (and noted marijuana enthusiast) N.A. Poe and female cohort “Da Kitty” decided to head to the Wells Fargo Center with a camera and interview the “spray-tanned strippers and drunk assholes” (as Poe puts it) who make Wing Bowl what it is.

Watch what happens when Poe asks Wing Bowl attendees questions like, “Do you think that President Obama should pull our troops out of Iran?” and “Bigger Hero: Peyton Manning or Bradley Manning?”

Our only regret is that Da Kitty, who was about to be groped as she noted the “room full of patriarchy and white males,” did not slug someone at 4:50.