Patrick Bertoletti Defeats Molly Schuyler, Sets Record to Win Wing Bowl 23

Top local eater Notorious BOB placed third, Penn's Stormin' Norman won the college division.

Jon Dorenbos. Photo | Dan McQuade

Jon Dorenbos. Photo | Dan McQuade

You’ve heard quite a bit from us about Wing Bowl this year. Is it time to end it? Won’t somebody think of the chickens?  Mick Foley will be there!

And now it’s here. Just like last year, our writer-at-large Dan McQuade is on the scene. He’s commandeered the Philly Mag Twitter account and will be live-tweeting the the atrocities at Wing Bowl 23. Follow along as he documents the floats, the spectacle, the gluttony and the unspeakably fowl carnage.

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