Polaneczky: Men Think Wing Bowl is Gross, Too

Daily News columnist gets the last word, for now.

A day after she appeared on Angelo Cataldi’s show to debate the merits of Wing Bowl, Ronnie Polaneczky was back in the Daily News to further criticize Wing Bowl debauchery. And this time she came armed with men:

My column was harsh, so I figured it would rankle Wing Bowl fans. What I didn’t expect was the huge number of men – Wing Bowl’s target gender – who’d write to say that they, too, find the bacchanal awful.

“Thanks for taking the radical approach of daring to say there’s implications here, it [Wing Bowl] is not just all fun and games, boys will be boys, ha ha,” wrote Brian Hastoglis. “It is appreciated by a lot of us out here more than you know.”

Reader Henry Schireson, dad of two girls, was glad that “finally someone has told it like it is.”

“Truly disgraceful and deeply disturbing that it is somehow associated with being a sports fan,” said Schireson. “I am repelled by the entire orgy of eating, alcohol, sexism, and the fact that this ‘event’ is staged in a premier public venue and given significant coverage by the media.”

Echoed John Eichorn, “Your article about the celebration of gluttony and idiocy was spot on. Just knowing it sells out depresses the hell out of me.”