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Who's Building Philly


Who’s Building Philly: Tom Bentley

Bentley Homes‘ trajectory somewhat resembles that of the Baby Boom generation its founder Tom Bentley belongs to: He started out building townhouses on the Main […]

WBP tim downey southern land laurel groundbreaking

Who’s Building Philly: Tim Downey

Every year in the fall, PwC and the Urban Land Institute produce a widely followed forecast called “Emerging Trends in Real Estate.” (The 2019 edition, the 40th, […]


Who’s Building Philly: Jeremy Avellino

Our best architects don’t just design buildings. They engage in conversations. And the conversations I’m talking about here aren’t with the clients, or the contractors, […]


Who’s (Un)Building Philly: Greg Trainor

Attention local builders: There’s gold in that old house you’re about to demolish. And Greg Trainor would like to help you mine it. The local […]


Who’s Building Philly: Bloyd Street Capital

To understand why Brian Grimes and Travis Robert-Ritter named their real estate development and investment firm Bloyd Street Capital, you first need to understand the […]


Who’s Building Philly: Ken Weinstein

An idea that has been gaining steam of late among developers and planners is “social impact development.” This relatively recent concept marries the market to […]


Who’s Building Philly: Vince Viney

To understand why Vince Viney builds, all you really need to know is two basic principles: Inexpensive new homes don’t have to be cheap. And […]


Who’s Building Philly: Carl Dranoff

“Those who succeed over the years can steer their way through choppy waters, and that includes things you can’t control.” Carl Dranoff, the man who […]


Who’s Building Philly: Rahil Raza

“Workforce housing” is one of the buzzwords du jour in the local development lexicon. Elected officials and builders alike see it as key to shoring […]