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Where to Eat Vegan Food in Philly

Whether you’re cutting back on meat after watching a devastating Polish film about a runaway donkey or you genuinely can’t remember the last time you […]


The Mushroom Cheesesteak, All Grown Up

First and foremost, I want to be clear about something: The cheesesteak needs no updating. No new renditions; no twists. It’s perfect the way it […]

mama's vegetarian

Goodbye, Mama’s Vegetarian

Normally, I’d go to Mama’s alone. It’s a small space, and when it was open, it was very, very busy, so going alone meant you […]


Look Inside the Fairview, Fergie Carey’s New Bar in Fairmount

On Thursday, Philly bar owner Fergie Carey (Grace Tavern and Fergie’s Pub) will open the Fairview, a neighborhood gastropub with an emphasis on plant-based food. The Fairview […]

kung fu hoagies closing

Vegetarian Food Cart Kung Fu Hoagies to Close After Eight Years

Kung Fu Hoagies, a food cart offering vegetarian and vegan takes on traditional Vietnamese dishes, will close next month after eight years in business. “Due […]

animal ethics vegetarianism eating meat t
City Life

I Used to Love Steak — Then I Met a Cow

When I was in my 20s, I started working at an alternative weekly, which I should explain to younger readers was a free tabloid-format newspaper […]


How Philly Became a Vegan Dining Destination

Twenty years ago, Philly’s dining scene was, well, decades behind what it is today. And its vegan dining options were even more desolate. Back then, diners […]

Be Well Philly

Philly’s Huge Vegan Food Festival Is Returning in June After a Two-Year Hiatus

We were pretty bummed back in 2016, when we learned that VegFest — a huge fair celebrating all things vegan — wasn’t happening. We were even […]

Be Well Philly

Here’s Where to Eat Brussels Sprouts in Philly Right Now

Brussels sprouts are the vegetable you detested (or completely avoided) all throughout your childhood, but totally fell in love as an adult. And why shouldn’t […]

Be Well Philly

5 Healthy Burgers You Can Eat Right Now in Philadelphia

Okay, sure, the word “burger” doesn’t exactly scream “healthy.” But given that scientists have started making veggie burgers that taste nothing like veggies — and those crazy burgers have […]

Be Well Philly

We Tried One of Those Crazy Plant-Based Burgers That’s Supposed to Taste Like Real Meat

You’ve surely heard by now about the hot, new (sustainable!) food trend: burgers that look, taste, and even bleed like real burgers, but are actually made […]

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10 Recipes to Trick Yourself Into Eating More Vegetables

It’s a simple fact: Vegetables are good for us. But we can’t be the only ones who sometimes make it through a full day only […]

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Where 7 Healthy-Eating Pros Grab Brunch Around Philly (And Their Go-To Orders)

Raise your hand if your squad’s Sunday-morning motto is “But first, brunch.” Okay, now raise your hand if, after said brunch, you always need to […]

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Study: Vegetarian Diet Could Be Twice As Effective As Just Slashing Calories

A win for all the vegetarians out there: A recent study examining weight-loss methods found that, instead of simply cutting calories, going the vegetarian route could […]

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The Checkup: Tiny Workout Tweaks That Guarantee Enviable Abs

• If you’ve been going hard on abs day, only to look in the mirror and ask, “Um, where are my abs?” it’s time to […]