The Checkup: Tiny Workout Tweaks That Guarantee Enviable Abs

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• If you’ve been going hard on abs day, only to look in the mirror and ask, “Um, where are my abs?” it’s time to work some of these seven workout tweaks — including perfecting the pelvis tilt and zoning in on your back (yes, your back) — into your gym time. [Women’s Health]

• Interesting! This veggie burger business is trying to appeal, mostly at least, to meat eaters. [New York Times]

• Spoiler, yogis: You’re probably doing chaturanga all wrong. Here, how to perfect the pose, from the ground up — literally. [Well + Good]

• Well, this will make you think twice about ordering a spicy crunchy salmon roll for lunch: Tapeworms, which can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea, were recently found in wild Pacific salmon. [Men’s Health]

• Hold. The. Phone. Is bone broth — you know, the “magical” elixir thats risen to fame over the past few years — just stock? The answer: basically — but a really good stock. [Bon Appétit]

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