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Study: This Is Exactly How Often You Should Be Moving If You Sit All Day

For years, we’ve been berated for sitting. It’s ingrained in our temporal lobes that sitting at home, at our jobs, and even on the plane is, […]

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The Checkup: Dead Butt Syndrome Is Real — Here’s How to Avoid It 

• Womp, womp: In more bad news about spending our entire lives in chairs, turns out doing so can lead to — wait for it — […]

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The Exercises and Stretches Every Desk Worker Should Have Bookmarked

Millions of Americans sit behind a desk for eight hours or more five days per week. Some may also have a long commute in a […]

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The Checkup: Science Finds Unexpected Upside of Sweating in Saunas

• Bet you weren’t thinking your gym sauna sessions were helping your brain out, did you? Well, they could be: A new 20-year study performed in […]

ban on Wall sitting at rittenhouse sign

Sit-In and Smoke-In Planned for Rittenhouse Square

The news yesterday that sitting on the Rittenhouse Square wall has been banned came as a surprise. And rightly so: People have been sitting on […]

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The Checkup: How to Effectively Say No to People (So You Don’t Lose Your Mind)

• I have a post-it note on my computer that says “Stop saying yes to shit you hate!” It is there as a visual cue […]

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Sit at a Desk All Day? Here’s How Much Exercise You Need, Study Suggests

As I type this, I am about to spend eight hours, more or less, in my desk chair. Previous studies have suggested that, given my […]

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This Is Exactly How Many More Calories You Burn By Standing at Your Desk

If you’ve resourcefully fashioned a standing desk for yourself out of found materials — magazines, boxes, encyclopedias no one actually uses because the internet exists […]

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The Checkup: How to Know for Sure If You Got a Good Workout

• For everyone who’s ever walked out of a fitness class wondering “Was that a good workout? I really do NOT know”: Six physical signs, courtesy […]

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The Checkup: Superfood Smoothies Guaranteed to Get You Excited for Fall

• Between Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin brews hitting corner store shelves and fall squashes showing up in the Whole Foods’ aisles, there’s no denying it: The […]

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The Checkup: How Sitting Can Actually Help You Lose Weight — Seriously!

• We’re constantly hearing about how terrible sitting is for us, but one time it might be a good idea to sit down instead of […]

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Are Biking Desks the New Treadmill Desks?

The news keeps telling us that we’re sitting too much, particularly at work, and that it’s really hurting our health. As word has spread, solutions […]

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You May Actually Be Able to Avoid Death by Sitting, Science Says — Here’s How

  By now, you guys are probably aware that sitting behind a desk all day is basically killing you. We’ve only told you, like, a […]

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The Standing Office: Is This the Workplace of the Future?

You know how sitting in our desk chairs day in and day out is killing us all? Well, the folks over at CityLab clued us in […]

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No Matter How Much You Exercise, This Is Still Killing You, Science Says

As I type this, after sitting for nearly four consecutive hours in my desk chair, I’m thinking: I should really start hoarding discarded boxes I find […]