The Standing Office: Is This the Workplace of the Future?

Sitting is killing us all, so why not get rid of it?

You know how sitting in our desk chairs day in and day out is killing us all? Well, the folks over at CityLab clued us in to one way Dutch architecture firm Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances is trying to help people avoid the whole death-by-desk-chair thing: standing offices. And no offense but, this whole standing office concept looks way cooler your DIY standing desk.

While a standing office might not sound too crazy, the designs are pretty much insane. The plans for the standing office concept, appropriately dubbed the End of Sitting, are basically devoid of any right angles which, as you can imagine, makes sitting rather difficult (and uncomfortable). The entire thing looks how I imagine a very liberal, very wealthy prep school, that doesn’t believe in confining students to seated desks, would be designed. In the year 2050.

Check out the animated video of the concept below.

Insane, right? Hop on over to CityLab to check out photos of the finished product, which folks in Amsterdam got to try out during an interactive winter design exhibition. Then print out the images and discreetly slip them onto your boss’ desk.

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