No Matter How Much You Exercise, Sitting Is Still Killing You


We’ve all been told time and time again (and again, aaand again) that sitting is killing us. But it’s been a while, so we were due for a reminder when the folks over at POPSUGAR Fitness posted this video, asking, “Is your desk job killing you?”

Spoiler alert: Yes.

And POPSUGAR Fitness’ health and wellness reporter Zelana Montminy doesn’t hold back. First she drops this bomb: New research shows that sitting for 11 or more hours each day ups your chance of death by a whopping 40 percent! (Where can I buy a standing desk, like, RIGHT now?)

But that’s not even the worst part. It turns out, this statistic remains true regardless of how active you are outside of the office. So you can hit the gym as hard as you want after work, but in the end, if you’ve been chained to your desk all day, you’re still screwed.

Basically, this is science’s way of saying your mom’s favorite line: Life’s not fair.

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