The Checkup: How Sitting Can Actually Help You Lose Weight — Seriously!

And more healthy reads for your morning.



• We’re constantly hearing about how terrible sitting is for us, but one time it might be a good idea to sit down instead of move around? When you’re eating. A new study found that women who sat down while they ate instead of eating on the go ended up snacking way less afterward. So go ahead, take a seat. [Huffington Post]

• Taking a midday nap at work is only responsible: Getting some shuteye come 2 p.m. makes you more alert and ups your problem-solving abilities. So here, how to set yourself up for the best nap ever. (Your boss will thank you.) [Vox]

• If you reach for hydrogen peroxide every time your scrape your knee, stop. Turns out, along with stinging like crazy, hydrogen peroxide slows down the healing process by killing perfectly healthy cells along with gross ones. The alternative? Plain ol’ soap and water. [Men’s Health]

• I get it: Yoga isn’t your thing. But these five yoga postures every athlete should be doing could make you better at whatever is your thing. [Outside Online]

• Ready for your morning cry? Meet the first-ever certified running guide dog, Klinger, and his new human running buddy, Richard Hunter. [Runner’s World]

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