The Checkup: How to Effectively Say No to People (So You Don’t Lose Your Mind)

And more healthy reads to keep you from losing your mind this week.

• I have a post-it note on my computer that says “Stop saying yes to shit you hate!” It is there as a visual cue after having said yes to activities that make me want to tear my hair out one too many times. If you, too, having trouble saying no, it seems, according to to science, the trick to saying no and sticking to it is replacing “can’t” with “don’t.” So, “Sorry, I don’t [insert undesirable activity here].” Start practicing! Your mental health will thank you later. [Science of Us]

• Cauliflower rice isn’t the only veggie rice in the game: There’s sweet potato rice, broccoli rice, beet rice — it seems you can rice just about anything. [Prevention]

• Ack! Can sitting too much make your body resistant to the positive impacts of exercise? A new study says yes. [New York Times]

To wash or not to wash your hair? Despite what your good-hygiene-having self may think, the founder of hair empire Bumble and Bumble says you should not. [Forbes]

• Here, how to sleep better. You are welcome. [The Atlantic]

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