The Checkup: Dead Butt Syndrome Is Real — Here’s How to Avoid It 

And more healthy reads for your day.

• Womp, womp: In more bad news about spending our entire lives in chairs, turns out doing so can lead to — wait for it — dead butt syndrome, which essentially means your gluteus medius (one of your main booty muscles) stops firing correctly. Here, a physical therapist breaks down how to avoid being stricken with dead butt syndrome. [Health]

• I am never not test-driving new to-do-list strategies, and this Personal Kanban method — essentially a movable list made up of post-its — looks like it could be truly life-changing. [Quartz]

• If you’re on a dairy-free kick but not trying to give up your nightly ice-cream fix (we feel you), take note: The folks over at Bon Appétit took on the task of tracking down the best vegan ice cream pints. [Bon Appétit]

• Are low-tech runs the new digital-detox Sundays? [Science of Us]

• If you often wake up with a pounding headache, here are are eight likely culprits. [Men’s Health]

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